child sex abuse prevention
through speaking and training

You will be inspired, moved and empowered by Denisha Craig's personal story: "How I turned Paranoia into Prevention".

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Why PTP?

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 "I share my story and offer training to adults, providing inspiration and empowerment to the groups and individuals who know, love and want to protect children from child abuse, child sex abuse and other adverse childhood experiences. I operate under a nonprofit business model, and over 90% of the adults I have trained received their training for free because of generous donations." 

-Denisha Craig

Founder, Paranoia to Prevention

Prevention Training


Our prevention training is geared towards individuals and groups who want to know how to prevent environments and experiences that children have to recover from. #paranoiatoprevention



Advocate through action for the prevention of raising children that have to recover from their childhood. Provide training to adults on how to recognize and prevent child sex abuse. Empower adults to normalize the conversation around child sex abuse.